• Tariq Khan

A new age of advice

When my dad started investing in the late 1970's, it was standard for an investment decision to be based off a combination of commentary from local newspapers, chatter within a business circle, and a gut feeling signaling direction.

At some point, a broker would be enlisted and sooner or later, winners and losers would be revealed. Today, it's hard to fathom that in a period ravaged by high inflation and looming conflicts, anyone invested at all or 'stayed the course' for that matter. Ironically, investors today have a similar hand.

The global ecosystem flooded with information, free trading, tweets and news blurbs have created a stasis so noisy, rational long-term investment decisions seem to be less commonplace. Consider shifting technology, and the average Joe feels empowered to make decisions with a tap of the phone.

Broken trend lines married to updated application screens will yield one true question over the long term- fundamentally, what's the value of good advice?


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